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A lot of stress comes down to perception.
Perception of our abilities compared to the perception of the problem. If we don't perceive we have the resources to achieve something, then it hampers our ability to think and concentrate and we feel like we're drowning.


"Comparison is the thief of joy" said Theodore Roosevelt over a hundred years ago.
He knew it then and we all still know it now. But do we actually remember that when the time comes?


Myth busting today.
Following on a little from the episode the other week on introversion. Today is about the opposite end of the scale.
Or is it?
Matt Rudd

Bonus Episode: Matt Rudd

Matt Rudd is a senior writer at the Sunday Times, he's a published author of both fiction and non fiction.
His latest book Man Down: Why Men Are Unhappy and What We Can Do About It, is out now. I read it the day it came out and thought he had some great things to share with you and so I invited him onto the show for a chat.

Cliches and Toxic Positivity

Positive messages such as "Keep Calm & Carry On" or "Don't Worry Be Happy" sound like a good idea.
But sometimes we need to acknowledge how we feel and I wonder if the overly optimistic ignorance of positive messages can do more harm than good sometimes.

Psychometrics & Introverts

Psychometric tests like Myers-Briggs have been around for a hundred years, but are the actually any use to us?
Do these labels actually offer any advice?
All these questions and more in today's instalment!

Procrastination, Perfectionism & Motivation

Procrastination is both doing something and not doing something at the same time.
It's a voluntary, yet irrational, delay of an intended action and is a devil on many people's shoulder's nudging them towards doing something else instead.

Holding Back The Tears

Why, when we feel emotion, would we need to leak water out of our face?
It doesn't seem to be particularly beneficial does it?
Today I explore some of the research into it and share some techniques to help us gain some control over our leaky faces.
Professor Sophie Scott CBE

Bonus Episode: Professor Sophie Scott

Continuing the trend of a bonus episode in the middle of the month. This month I chatted with Professor Sophie Scott CBE.
Sophie is a neuroscientist working at University College London. She's a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences, has presented the Royal Institutions Christmas Lectures and has been on multiple TV and Radio programs over the years talking about the neuroscience of laughter.
I hope you enjoy what she has to say.
Conflict Avoidance

Episode 190: Conflict Avoidance

Avoiding conflict can influence the big things in life as well as the small things. It's why people split up over text rather than actually deal with a relationship problem face to face. And if you've ever had a huge sense of relief if you ring someone about a problem and their phone goes to voicemail, you'll know what I mean.
Dr Radha Modgil

Bonus Episode: Dr Radha Modgil

Recently I had the pleasure of chatting with the broadcaster and author Radha Modgil.
As well as being a familiar face and voice on various BBC TV and radio shows Radha is also a practising GP with a very special interest in emotional wellbeing.
You Got This

Episode 189: Energy Levels

With some enthusiasm we can go from dragging our feet and saying how tired we are to suddenly being alert and awake. But whether it's about scripting a podcast episode or going for a run, it's really easy to say to ourselves "I don't feel like it" and if your energy levels have dropped it's definitely worth looking into why.
Impulse Control

Episode 188: Impulse Control

Whether it's because of tempting treats in your cupboard, the opportunity to play at online roulette or trying to push away thoughts that we don't like. Sometimes our brain works against us rather than for us and leads us down paths we were deliberately trying to avoid.

Episode 187: Pride & Prejudice

Today's episode is a bit of a deep dive into racism, in response to the recent Black Lives Matter movement that has been gaining greater traction throughout the world this month.
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