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Insecure Attachment

Episode 228: Insecure Attachment

Prompted by a few emails over the years. Today is all about dealing with having an insecure attachment style and how to best cope in a relationship despite it.
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Episode 226: Perfectionism

It's often said that there are 3 types of perfectionism. Self-Oriented Perfectionism, Other-Oriented Perfectionism and Socially Prescribed Perfectionism. Let's take a peek into them shall we?
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Episode 225: Empathy

I have a couple of catchphrases, or if you ask my wife I repeat myself a lot and can be boring and predictable, either way you'll often hear me say one particular phrase.

"The brain can't separate fact from fiction."
If you've got this far through my Podcast series and not heard me say that then I must boring after all because you clearly fell asleep, because I say it a lot. And for good reason.
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Episode 224: What COULD You Be Grateful For?

Gratitude, even about the simpler things in life, helps to dilute down the frustrations about the annoying things. But it's not always easy to find reasons to be grateful is it?
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Episode 223: Hoarding

Seeing as it's Spring, not that you'd know it, *shakes fist at the clouds* a time for having a good old clear out.
I thought I'd revisit an old topic and talk about the psychology of stuff this week.
In particular the way our brain can get very confused.
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Episode 222: Mindful Moments

Someone asked me recently what the difference is between meditation, mindfulness and hypnosis. So I thought I'd go into it a little today and encourage you to take some mindful moments to train your brain.
Anniversary Reactions

Episode 220: Anniversary Reactions

An increase in distress around the anniversary of a traumatic event is often called an anniversary reaction.
It can range from feeling mildly upset for a day or two to more extreme reactions where someone experiences significant psychiatric or even medical symptoms.
The good news is that we know when it's coming!
Overwhelming Emotions

Episode 219: Happiness In A Depressing World

When the oceans are filling with plastic, the cost of living is high and everyone seems to hate each other it's not easy to be the optimist and promote happiness.

So what can we do?
Overwhelming Emotions

Episode 218: Comparison

"Comparison is the thief of joy" said Theodore Roosevelt over a hundred years ago.
He knew it then and we all still know it now. But do we actually remember that when the time comes?
Overwhelming Emotions

Episode 217: Forgive and Forget

The dictionary defines "to forgive" as this: Verb. To stop feeling angry or resentful towards someone for an offence, flaw, or mistake.
But language evolves. And maybe, to you, forgive and forget doesn't mean letting go of something so as to feel better. It means forgive the abuser and forget the victim. And it shouldn't.
Matt Elswood

Bonus Episode: Andrea McLean

I was recently contacted by TV legend Andrea Mclean. Andrea has been working in the media for years but recently made the decision to take her life in a different direction and created an online community called This Girl Is On Fire all about personal growth.
This week is the launch of an App that accompanies it and so I thought it would be nice to get her on the podcast to talk a little bit about it.
I hope you find what we say useful!
Overwhelming Emotions

Episode 216: Can We Not Care What Others Think?

Worrying about what people think is a common issue.
Almost everyone comes into therapy with some aspect of this. It's worth drilling down on who we actually mean though, when we say to ourselves that we worry what "other people" think.
Who are these anonymous other people?
Overwhelming Emotions

Episode 215: Sensitivity

Because of what's called neurodiversity everyone's brain responds differently to stimulation.
Whether that's environmental or chemical stimulation.
Today's episode is about thriving in a stimulating world when our brain is sensitive to it.
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