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Attachment And The Greater Good

Part 3 of my attachment theory series.
Today's episode helps explain why I think that understanding attachment insecurities is so important for not just our own mental health but for the greater good.

Attachment Styles

Part 2 of my introduction to attachment theory. Hopefully today will give you a little bit of insight into your own attachment style and believe me when I say you'll probably never look at your friends and family the same.

Origins Of Attachment Theory

Attachment theory is all about our instinctive need to feel secure through our attachments to things, and despite being a MASSIVE topic I thought I'd spend some time going through the basics with you. It's probably going to be quite a few episodes though I hardly scratched the surface with this one today and it's over 20 minutes long already. So I'll come back to it in next week I think too.

Ego States

Ego states are patterns of thinking, feeling and acting and is the core model of the therapy style of Transactional Analysis.
According to it's originator Eric Berne, people often interact with each other in terms of three psychological and behavioural patterns which are classified as parent, adult and child.
Today we'll learn a bit about it and see if we can identify which state we're in most of the time.

Do You Need To Make A Change?

What do we do if we know that something needs to change?
How do we make it feel like NOW is the right time?
All these questions and more on this weeks Patron Only Episode of...The Richard Nicholls Podcast!


Avoidance and facing your fears.
African Violet Queen

Episode 109: The African Violet Queen Of Milwaukee

I want to do something different this month.
This month I'm going to tell you a story. It's a true story and is called the African Violet Queen Of Milwaukee.

It starts with a man named Milton Erickson.

Episode 108: Reframing

As winter gets closer and the warm summer that we had this year seems so long ago we have a choice; we can either recoil at the colder, damper weather or we can appreciate the leaves changing colour, the excitement of the build up to Christmas and the ability to see the sun rise without having to get up super early!

Episode 107: Spiders And Behaviourism

Over the last few weeks I've seen an increasing number of clients with a fear of spiders, it seems that a bit of warm weather is creating jumbo sized house spiders.

And with a reported half of all women, and 10 percent of all men having some degree of anxiety about them it is no surprise that people are picking up the phone to ask for help.

But how can can Arachnophobia be successfully treated?
Practise Makes Perfect

Episode 106: Practise Makes Perfect

In my January podcast I briefly mentioned something that is often referred to as "The 10,000 hour rule" for becoming a master of something.

And it prompted an email from a listener asking me to confirm whether or not it is true, that 10,000 hours over 10 years is all we need to do to become the best we could possibly be.

And the answer is......


Episode 105: Fear Of Flying

This months topic is actually down to public demand, as most days there was somebody that came through to me in one way or another asking about helping with fear of flying.
Now, if you follow the news even a little you'll probably know why that is.

Episode 104: Happiness (Part 5 - Sleep Yourself To Happiness)

Part 5 of the July special.
Can more sleep make you happier?
Throughout July there is an episode every Monday all about "What makes a happy brain"

Episode 103: Happiness (Part 4 - The Dreaded Exercise!)

Todays episode is part 4 of the July special and is about one of the best ways of boosting our mood.
Throughout July there is an episode every Monday all about "What makes a happy brain"
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