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Episode 145: Manchester

When I woke up on Tuesday morning last week I thought the worst thing that had happened was that Roger Moore had died.
Turns out he wasn’t on his own as on Monday evening a bomb had been detonated at a concert in Manchester killing 22 people, 7 of them children.
Tuesday became a day of mourning, not just in Manchester, but throughout the UK and all over world. Manchester is famous. It’s famous for its culture, its music, its football and its people.
But Manchester’s fame meant that the world has paid much more attention to the deaths of those innocent people than any other innocent victim killed recently in this world of 7 billion people. The families and friends of those killed in Manchester aren’t the only ones suffering at the hands of brain washed fanatics.
But since Al-Qaeda, The Taliban and ISIS started making so much noise, the western world has begun to see the Muslim community in the same way that they did in the 1980’s and 90’s with the Protestant Irish.
“Oh your Irish are you, you must be a terrorist!”
We can look at that now all these years later and realise that that’s not right, you can’t judge an entire culture or religion based on the actions of the fanatics.
You can’t blame someone for being born on a different lump of rock to the one that you were born on. But people do.
But not in Manchester.
Instead Manchester pulled together in acts of solidarity to show ISIS that you can’t convince them to hate.