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Episode 75: What's In A Name?

Here's something interesting for you.Did you know that having a name that sounds a little bit like the word Dentist, such as Denise or Dennis would mean that you are more likely to become a Dentist than if you're called Brian?
And also that having a surname that begins with an early letter of the alphabet, A, B or C would lead to greater confidence and success in life than if your surname starts with X, Y or Z.
But why??

Episode 74: Pushing Ourselves Further

Before the games started I read an article about predicted medal counts based on population.
In it, we find that Great Britain should have got 32 medals, putting us 8th on the medal table, with the USA and China topping the charts with around 50 medals. This was researched by Meghan Busse of Northwestern University in Illinois.

Episode 73: Conformity

What with the Olympics and a bit of good weather everyone seems to be in a bit of a good mood lately. The weather's taken a dive these last few days but on the whole the last few weeks have been beautiful, and it certainly has shown in my clients.
Amazing isn't it, how the external world around us can have such an influence over the way that we think and feel?

But is it really the external world around us making us feel good?

Episode 72: Purpose

How important is it to have a purpose in life?

Most of us tend to simply muddle along through life, with what seems like no real meaning or purpose.
Ask anyone what their purpose is in life and they probably don't realise that they have one. But we all do.
It may be as simple as just being a good parent, or a spouse, or simply just to die happy.

Episode 71: Perspective

How do we gain a better perspective on life?

The stress of everyday life is usually caused by the simplest of things.

How often in our week do we suffer with a genuine stress such as a bereavement or have to deal with a life threatening situation?

Episode 70: Expectation

In this months episode I wanted to talk a little about expectation and bias.
About how the things going on in our mind have a huge influence on the way we experience the world around us.
An example of this is why we see faces in everyday things.

Episode 69: The Mind / Body Link

April is IBS awareness month where we try to raise awareness of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and promote healthy gut function.

Hypnotherapy has long been shown to provide outstandingly effective results with IBS and because of this is now the treatment of choice within the NHS.

Episode 68: Overcoming Shyness

I read the results of an interesting survey the other day.

It published findings that showed that having a fear of public speaking is more common than having a fear of dying.

Episode 67: Mood Boosting

When you're cold from the inside out and your wellies are full of snow, it can be hard to see the cheery side to life. But if you look it is there.

How we think is the only influence we have over the way that we feel. The outside world can't actually affect us at all, only the way we react to it does that.

So how do we get rid of a bad mood?

Episode 66: Sabotaging your goals

It's started already then! 

Only a few days into the new year and i'm getting inundated with enquiries for weight loss.

What is it about the new year that motivates people to want to do something about their health?

Episode 65: Self Talk

My receptionist in Hinckley asked me last week what I was going to talk about in my December podcast and I replied "I can't think of anything."

Before slapping myself on the side of my head, reminding myself to never tell myself that I can't do something, and then coming up with a topic to talk about this month.

Which is to never tell yourself that you can't do something!

Episode 64: Money Makes The World Go Round?

In the middle of a recession it's easy to feel a bit grumpy, as the price of petrol soars and you can no longer get those tins of 9p baked beans, but we're still living in one of the richest countries in the world.
Yet despite this we're also one of the most miserable, I think as a collective we've developed some very bad habits. Certainly we've lost touch of what makes us happy and tend to do the things that we only 'think' will make us happy and it's often far removed from the reality of happiness and pleasure.

Episode 63: First Impressions Count

Following on from last months podcast about knowledge vs belief. I received an email from Lydia.
And she suggested that belief will start with knowledge "When there is no reason to doubt it or every reason to agree"
She went on to mention the phrase first impressions count, and it reminded me of a popular experiment that showed what's called The Primacy Effect.

Episode 62: False Belief

A few months ago my wife and I were watching the television and someone, I forget who, was taking the mick out of Dec from Ant and Dec, saying how short he was.
My wife caught me giggling and, quite rightly, told me that I was in position to laugh, after all he was no shorter than me. Not wishing to be put in the same height category as Declan Donnelly, I googled him and found that he was 5ft 6 inches tall.

Episode 61: Absolutes

I met a colleague the other day and she said "Hasn't the weather been rubbish, typical English summer, it's always grey."

Now it hadn't, it was grey right at that moment and the weekend hadn't been brilliant, but the week before had been quite nice, certainly T-shirt weather.
And it reminded me of the many and varied clients I get who sit in front of me and moan about their partners. "He ALWAYS comes home angry" or "She NEVER takes me seriously" they might say.

Episode 60: Thought Control

We all have Worries, troubles and fears, and I have clients that say that their thoughts seem to control them, they create emotions they don't want and encourage a negative frame of mind.
But they talk as if their thoughts are external, as if it's not them that are making these thoughts happen.
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