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Episode 96: Dealing With Fear

One of the most common issues that clients bring to my consulting room is Anxiety.
Either a general background sense of something bad around the corner or a specific set of circumstances that provoke an uncomfortable feeling.
Both have the same response in our body, often a churning in the stomach or butterflies accompanied with an increase in heart rate that leads to a tensing of the muscles or increase in temperature.

Episode 95: Confidence

A few weeks ago, through the Motivate Yourself Facebook page, I asked listeners to my podcast what sort of topics you'd like me to talk about and I received a lot of messages asking about confidence, social anxiety and nervousness.
Which all boil down to the same thing really, which is fear. And usually fear OF fear.
Which makes a vicious circle of anxiety that creates a belief that you aren't able to handle certain situations confidently.

Episode 94: Enthusiasm

Happy New Year!
If you've made any new years resolutions before you go any further ask yourself this question

"Why didn’t I start this last month? Or in November, or October?"

Because if they answer is "I couldn't be bothered" then you're probably not that bothered now either and should maybe get your head around it first as there's not enough enthusiasm to ensure that you succeed.

Episode 93: Tips To Relieve Christmas Stress

If you cast your mind back to when you were young you'll more than likely find that December was an exciting, fun and happy time. There was no stress as you had no pressure to do anything, no presents to have to buy and no cards to write out. And even if there was you had family around you to help you do it.

But if, as an adult, we are trying to reclaim those happy emotions of positive expectation then we're in for a bit of a shock because it's not as easy as it was when we were kids, because now we are the ones doing the running around trying to make everyone else happy.

Episode 92: Dealing With Change

At some point in our lives, we all have to cope with change. Whether that's a change in our job or our relationship, our life sometimes has to become different.

Those of you with children will probably already know how important it is to stick to routines in order to keep a baby content.
If you do the same things in the same way you get the same result.

Episode 89: Self Esteem (Part 3)

Part 3 of Richard's October Self-Esteem series.
This week focuses on the importance of not comparing yourself to others and taking compliments.

Episode 88: Self Esteem (Part 2)

Part 2 of Richard's October Self-Esteem series.
In this weeks episode Richard talks about a little technique picked up from Lisa Nichols in her book "No Matter What"

Episode 87: Self Esteem (Part 1)

What is self-esteem?

Put simply self-esteem is your opinion of yourself.
Good self-esteem means that you know that you're not perfect (no-one is really) but that it doesn't matter.

It helps you to move on after mistakes and gives you strength to make difficult decisions.

Episode 86: Correlation Does Not Imply Causation

Did you know that eating ice cream does not cause drowning?

That Global warming has not been caused by a lack of pirates?

And that Firefighters do not make fires bigger?

You did?
Well done, it means that you've already learned that "correlation does not imply causation"

Episode 85: The Importance Of Being Lazy

I spend so much time teaching people how to be the best they can be, that it's easy to overlook how necessary it is to ensure that you don't push yourself too far.
Clients will often describe their idea of a perfect personality when asking me to help them. Seeking to be this Type A character who is dynamic, driven and enthusiastic. They rarely describe how they're going to relax and enjoy life, and instead perceive that to be a successful human being they must be constantly busy.

Episode 84: Elephant Chains

I recently read an article about the 2015 ban on wild animals in circuses and it reminded me about a psychological process that I call 'Elephant Chains'.

Baby elephants are trained to stand still by being chained to a post.

They pull and pull but are unable to break the chains, so eventually they stop trying.

Episode 83: Eating Bananas And Setting Goals

It might seem a strange thing to email out to you, but I wanted to tell you that the last month has been a very "bananary" month for me.

Hardly a day has gone by without me munching on a banana.

Episode 82: Ignoring The Media And Listening To Music

Here's some interesting research for you.
Did you know that listening to new music can strengthen the area of the brain that's responsible for reward?
Over millions of years our brains have learned to create a rewarding, pleasurable feeling when exposed to something associated with survival of the species such as food or sex.
It does this with the chemical dopamine, but it can also be triggered when we are expecting a reward. Hence why gambling can be so addictive to some people. Even though we know there's a far, far greater chance of losing than winning we still hold onto the possibility of a win and so our brain begins the process of reward. Which can become addictive.

Episode 81: Awakening The Instincts

Research undertaken at the university of Miami recently have shown that when we are primed with negativity, we are more likely to choose higher calorie food, and to eat more of it when we get it.
This is mainly due to our evolutionary history, if you go back a long way, then those of our ancestors that were able to survive through the harsh times were the greedy ones, the people that chose high calorie food over low calorie food.
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