Therapy can be expensive and NHS waiting times can be very long.

Whilst you wait. Do please consider becoming a patron at and for £6 per month you will get access to over 20 sessions worth of psychotherapy related audio with updates every Monday morning.

As well as hours and hours of varying hypnotherapy tracks to listen to, again updating each Monday.

It doesn’t replace one to one therapy but I hope my content would be a great help to you on your journey to overcoming your difficulties.
Richard Nicholls
Richard Nicholls
Richard Nicholls
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Comfort Zones

It's no secret that stretching our comfort zone to include more situations is a good idea. But it's called a comfort zone for a reason isnt it? It's comfortable there.
So if life is comfortable and the alternative is uncomfortable then we're not going to have a great deal of motivation to make a change.
But do we even need to? And if so, how?
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