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Episode 239: Hope

Research has shown that hope can significantly improve mental health outcomes. It boosts resilience, helps you to cope better with stress and setbacks and means that you're more likely to engage in positive behaviours that support your well-being.
But hope isn't something that just happens; it's something you might need to cultivate and it could even save your life.

Episode 238: Values vs Goals

Are you living your life based on your values or your goals?
What's the difference anyway?
Let's find out.

Episode 237: Gaslighting

Gaslighting is a phrase we use to mean being manipulated and to have your reality questioned.
Cults have been doing it for decades, maybe even for thousands of years.
Today I'm going to scratch the surface a bit.
Come and have a listen.
Taking Things Personally

Episode 236: Taking Things Personally

One thing we can all guarantee is that we'll all receive some sort of criticism at some point.
The trick is to not let it get under our skin. Easier said than done though, but don't let that stop you.
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Episode 235: Self Discipline

When "future you" doesn't even exist, it can be really hard to stick to your plan in the "now" to ensure that future you gets their needs met.
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Episode 234: It's Good To Talk

Back in 1995 when britpop ruled the charts and the UN designated it The United Nations Year for Tolerance, British Telecom started a friends and family service to make it cheaper to call a handful of your favourite people with the slogan It's Good To Talk.
Everyone agreed.
Hopefully we do still think that, don't we?
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Episode 233: Self Sabotage

If you've ever set a goal for yourself and then found yourself deliberately sticking a spanner in the works knowing full well it'll cause you to fail then welcome to the human race. Because everyone does it.
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Episode 232: Ageing

I might not the young man I once was, but there is a certain childishness to me that I'm hoping can keep me young.
Looking at the studies into attitude and ageing the odds are in my favour!
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Episode 231: Difficult Decisions

Having free will is generally thought of as a good thing but it also comes with responsibility.
That's why decisions cause anxiety, whether it's about the little things or the big things.
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Episode 230: People Pleasing

Most people live their lives based on making other people happy to some degree. It's just how far we take it that determines whether or not it becomes a problem.
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Episode 229: PTSD

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and its counterpart Complex PTSD, are life-altering conditions.
And although the symptoms may often resemble Anxiety and Depression, they need to be worked on in slightly different ways.
Insecure Attachment

Episode 228: Insecure Attachment

Prompted by a few emails over the years. Today is all about dealing with having an insecure attachment style and how to best cope in a relationship despite it.
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Episode 226: Perfectionism

It's often said that there are 3 types of perfectionism. Self-Oriented Perfectionism, Other-Oriented Perfectionism and Socially Prescribed Perfectionism. Let's take a peek into them shall we?
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Episode 225: Empathy

I have a couple of catchphrases, or if you ask my wife I repeat myself a lot and can be boring and predictable, either way you'll often hear me say one particular phrase.

"The brain can't separate fact from fiction."
If you've got this far through my Podcast series and not heard me say that then I must boring after all because you clearly fell asleep, because I say it a lot. And for good reason.
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Episode 224: What COULD You Be Grateful For?

Gratitude, even about the simpler things in life, helps to dilute down the frustrations about the annoying things. But it's not always easy to find reasons to be grateful is it?
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