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Does venting your frustrations make you feel better?
Turns out, not so much. No.
So what we can we do instead?


Did you know that after experiencing a negative stimulus in order to get your emotional state back to where it was before hand you need at least 4 experiences of something positive to erase the effects of that one experience of something negative?

Being Resilient

Who's to blame if we fall flat on our face and nothing goes right?
More importantly, who's to blame if we don't pick ourselves up again?

Self Sabotage

If you've ever set a goal for yourself and then found yourself deliberately sticking a spanner in the works, knowing full well it'll cause you to fail then welcome to the human race!
Conspiract Theories

Episode 182: Conspiracy Theories

What is it about conspiracy theories that makes them so popular?
Why can seemingly intelligent people believe myths that have no evidence to support them?
Put on your tin foil hat and let's find out shall we.


Lockdown is showing us that a lot of stuff is out of our control at the minute, but it's also giving us the chance to concentrate on the things that ARE in our control.

Dependence and Codependence

If your sense of self is based around helping others and it's the only place that you get your self worth from. It might be worth checking that you don't make things worse.

Handling Difficult Decisions

Although having free will is generally thought of as a good thing, it also comes with a lot of responsibility.
Sometimes it feels easier to not make any decisions and just freeze.

Parenting. Helicopters vs Bulldozers

Because there are so many parenting podcasts out there in podcast land, I've tended to avoid the topic. But lately I've had a few listeners ask about it so thought I'd go through some useful elements for you. Not just so that you can understand yourself better, but so that you can understand others.
The Foundations Of Confidence

Episode 181: The Foundations Of Confidence

Confidence can be a tricky subject to talk about because its so big and ambiguous. What is confidence to one person is arrogance to someone else. Also, someone can be confident but still be anxious in certain situations, so it's even hard to define it really.

Resentment & Delegation

During the 1980's a phrase developed called "The Sandwich Generation."
Meaning you were sandwiched between looking after children as well as looking after ageing parents.
Things have changed slightly as people are having children later and living longer but the process still exists.
Dealing With The Coronavirus

Episode 180: Dealing With The Coronavirus

I've had a lot of messages from listeners asking for mental health advice during all this Coronavirus craziness.
It's on every website, every news channel. Every conversation you overhear in a shop. It's on everyones minds and so it should a degree.
Eagles, Chickens & Rescue Dogs

Episode 179: Eagles, Chickens & Rescue Dogs

Question: When is an Eagle not an Eagle?
Answer: When it thinks it's a Chicken.

Despite being an Eagle, if you think you're a Chicken can you really fly above everyone?
How To Feel Alive

Episode 178: How To Feel Alive

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.
Or as Albert Einstein once said "He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead; his eyes are closed."

Today is all about my 5 tips on a more enthusiastic life! That and a massive rant at the end about mental health priorities in government policy making, sorry!
Accept Yourself

Episode 177: Accept Yourself

Despite New Year being a time associated with making changes, today I want to talk about what seems at first like the opposite of change.
Although it might still be a change, and might even be the best one you could ever make. Because there are surprising benefits that come from accepting yourself as you are, in making the decision to not changing and instead enjoying being you in the first place.
The Lost Letter

The Lost Letter - By Richard Nicholls

It had been 6 weeks since the funeral.
Long enough to get used to the idea that he was an orphan now. Dan had laughed a little when he first used that word, orphan.
How old do we have to be before we no longer describe ourselves as that? He thought to himself. But to him, Dan was an orphan. After all both his parents had died, first his Dad, although that was many years ago and now his Mum.
But, at 57 years old to describe yourself as an orphan seemed odd, hence…
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